Creative Colour Refresh

Creative Colour Refresh

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CREATIVE COLOUR REFRESH - And how to take your creative look from the salon to your social media

In this course, we’ll get straight to the fun! You can expect a creative, lovely, inspiring, and visually appealing evening together with Maria Nila.

This course will teach you how to formulate and mix to expand the range of use of Color Refresh both as a problem solver but also as the most obvious tool for creativity in the salon - a form of treatment that has both cost efficiency and the customer's hair quality in focus! 

New for this year is that you will also be able to learn how to take your creative hairstyles from the salon to your social media and strengthen your brand digitally. It's time to embrace the rapidly growing social media channels and learn how to use these tools to promote your business. We'll cover all the basics and show you how easy it is to be active on social media, gain followers and reach new customers.

Welcome to an evening that will inspire and teach you how to take your salon to the next level!

Date & Time: 07.03.2023, 17:00-21:00
Place: Centralvaerkstedet, Værkmestergade 7 – Aarhus C

To book: All Maria Nila courses are booked through your sales representative. All courses are aimed at educated hairdressers and professional salons.

Cancellation policy: You have the right to cancel your enrolment up to 5 days prior to set course date, otherwise we will charge the full amount. Late cancellation requires medical certificate (does not apply in Denmark).

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