Wavy hair tutorial - 6 steps to a Glam Half Wave Look Wavy hair tutorial - 6 steps to a Glam Half Wave Look

Wavy hair tutorial - 6 steps to a Glam Half Wave Look

Hair trends come and go, but glossy waves never go out of style. This new take on the classic style is a modern Half Wave look that gives the impression of both great lengths and volume. And as for all great and healthy hair styles, the routine starts with caring for your scalp as well. If you want to achieve this look we recommend the Head & Hair Heal Beauty Bag that increases scalp health and stimulates hair growth. The Beauty Bag contains Shampoo and Conditioner in both full and travel size, to keep your hair playful and nourished both at home and when traveling. Through styling you then add movement and contrasts to the hair in a cool and glamorous yet relaxed way. See how you create modern Half Waves in 6 steps!

How to get wavy hair - Step By Step

  1. Start your routine by thoroughly rinsing your hair with water. Then apply a small amount of Head & Hair Heal Shampoo and massage onto your scalp. Rinse and repeat the process, as double shampooing will give your hair the right foundation to capture the healing ingredients from the Conditioner. To keep your hair healthy we recommend you use Head & Hair Heal Masque at least once a week as an extra treatment. Your scalp needs moisture just like your face, and this series is packed with caring and soothing ingredients that create a healthy result.
  2. Follow up with Head & Hair Heal Conditioner, as this closes the cuticles of the hair to lock in the active ingredients and add protection.
  3. After washing and when your hair is damp, add Cream Heat Spray for protection and Ocean Spray for more texture and hold that will make this style last longer. Blow or air dry until 100% dry.
  4. To create the Half Wave look you will need a large curling iron. The key here is to leave the ends “untouched” for a more modern look. Instead of clamping the hair, just wrap it around the barrel to create a soft curl. Choose to wrap every section of the hair, or just selected pieces in the front to frame your face.
  5. Finish off by adding Finishing Spray and True Soft Argan Oil to the lengths to control frizz and get extra shiny and smooth waves. For extra volume and longer hold, add dry shampoo to both roots and lengths.
  6. Need to refresh the hair for day two? Add the light Cleansing Powder for a fresh-from-the-shower look!

Hair products for wavy hair

If you have wavy hair, you might recognize that it can tend to become a bit frizzy. When it comes to wavy hair products it is important to choose products that keep your hair healthy and strong. To help give your waves definition and shine we have listed some of the best products for wavy hair:

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