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Many of Maria Nila's popular hair care products are available in travel sizes, so you can have healthy and great hair even on the road.
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Maria Nila's products in travel size

Many of Maria Nila's popular hair care products are available in travel sizes, so you can have healthy and stylish hair even while on the road. Packing your suitcase with standard-sized products takes up a lot of space and is also not allowed if you are traveling with just a carry-on. The travel-size bottles and jars contain up to 100 ml and can be used on many more occasions other than just when traveling. They are ideal for dropping into your gym bag or handbag, for example, to use after your daily routine. Buying products in travel size is also a good idea if you want to try out a new product to see if it suits your hair. The products from Maria Nila are vegan, animal-friendly, and free from sulfates and parabens. In addition, the packaging is climate-compensated to leave as little climate footprint as possible. In other words, you make a good choice both for yourself and the environment when you buy hair care products from Maria Nila.

Maria Nila's shampoo and conditioner in travel size

Maria Nila offers a wide range of shampoos and conditioners from several different hair care collections in travel size, where you can be sure to find products that suit your particular hair type. In addition to the travel size of 100 ml, the products are also available in the 350 ml and 1000 ml sizes. You can also supplement your shampoo and conditioner with other products in the collection, such as a hair mask, hair oil, or leave-in conditioner. Below you can read more about each collection and which shampoos and conditioners you will find in the respective collection.

Shampoo and conditioner in travel size from various collections

In the Head & Hair Heal collection, you will find an anti-dandruff shampoo and anti-dandruff conditioner. The collection is anti-inflammatory, which, in addition to treating and preventing dandruff, also treats other scalp problems, reduces hair loss, and stimulates hair growth. The collection is designed with an allergen-free scent for people with extra sensitive skin and has a unique floral scent of white jasmine, galbanum, and linden flowers. The Maria Nila Sheer Silver collection contains violet pigments and blackberry extract, which neutralize golden shades and add shine and strength to the hair. Maria Nila's popular silver shampoo and silver conditioner are part of this collection. The Luminous Color collection is designed for those with dyed hair. It includes a shampoo for colored hair and a color conditioner containing pomegranate extract and Color Guard Complex, which preserves your hair color that often deteriorates during hair washing and when using heat tools. In addition, it protects against UV radiation and free radicals. The collection has a fresh scent of apple, blackberries, and peach. If you have damaged and brittle hair, the Maria Nila Structure Repair collection is right for you. It features a repair shampoo and repair conditioner containing reinforcing ingredients from the bottom of the sea in the form of algae, which soften and repair damaged and tired hair. The products have a mild scent of vanilla, rose, and jasmine, making your hair smell just as fresh as it feels. Maria Nila True Soft is based on argan oil that moisturizes and revives dry and brittle hair and reduces frizz and static electricity. This collection offers a moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner suitable for naturally dry hair, unlike the Structure Repair collection of products, which is tailored to damaged and chemically treated hair. The collection has a floral scent of lilies, jasmine, and rose. The Maria Nila Pure Volume collection is designed for people who want more volume in their hair. The collection includes a volume shampoo and volume conditioner containing Provitamin B5, which moisturizes and provides long-lasting volume. The selection has a floral scent of neroli, lemon, palmarosa, and hyacinth.

Styling products in travel size

In addition to shampoo and conditioner, you will also find many different hair care products in Maria Nila's travel size. Maria Nila's popular color bombs are also available in travel size. These contain temporary color pigments to freshen up your hair color quickly. Maria Nila's dry shampoo is also available in travel-size bottles, perfect to have with you at all times in your bag. If you have not had time to wash your hair and still want it to look fresh, the shampoo comes to the rescue. There are two different dry shampoos in Maria Nila's collection, with the difference being that one has a volumizing effect.