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By choosing Maria Nila’s hair products, you choose vegan, climate friendly and color protecting haircare produced in Sweden. Choose a hair care line for your hair type or combine series with each other. In our range of hair products you will find products such as shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products. Discover all our vegan hair products!
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Vegan haircare online

With Maria Nila vegan hair products, you get healthy hair without harming either animals or nature. Our hair products are always vegan and animal-friendly, made in Sweden and have climate compensated packaging. Choose a range for your particular hair type, or combine various ranges with each other to get the best possible result for your hair. Our range has everything from shampoo and conditioner to diverse products in hairstyling, such as hair wax and volume powder.

Choose hair care products for your particular hair type

Adapting your hair products to your hair type is a basic rule to follow for good results from your hair washing and styling. You can initially choose all your hair care products from the same range. If you don't get your desired result, or you know that you usually need to adapt your hair products a little extra, then it works just as well to combine different ranges with each other. Know exactly what you're after and perhaps need a moisturizing shampoo, a hair mask for dry hair or a dandruff conditioner? Scroll down to immediately find a product that suits your hair type. If you don't know what you want yet, we've gathered all the hair care products here so that you can get an overview of our entire range of quality, vegan hair care. You can easily click on each product where it tells you which hair type is suitable for that particular product. If you're already familiar with our range but looking for something new, you can always check out our new hair products.

Professional quality vegan hair products

With our careful work on each ingredient in the products, the content of Maria Nila's hair care is well thought out when it comes to both durability and quality. We strive to never compromise on the quality or the values that permeate Maria Nila and therefore we are thorough every step of the way, from production to finished product. Our hair products have received awards in expert surveys and are suitable for both home use and professional use. Our hair care products are both appreciated by consumers and popular for use among hairdressers. For those working professionally with hair care, we have therefore developed hair care for hairdressers where the packages are bigger and more advantageous for use in a hair salon.

Wide range of hair care products online

You can easily order your favorite hair care for home delivery from our website. Many of our hair care products come in several different sizes in order to be suitable for several different occasions. If you're travelling and need travel sizes, a medium size may be enough, or perhaps you need the large size if the whole family uses the same product? Select the size that suits you best! Our smallest sizes are between 30 - 100 ml and the largest 1,050 ml. In addition to the wide range of sizes, we also offer a wide range to cater for different hair types. Here at Maria Nila, we have hair care products for most hair types and hair colors. Please contact us if you need some help finding the right hair products for your hair type. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help!