Welcome to the family Wilma!

Wilma has been a part of the Maria Nila family for years, sharing her best tips & tricks and her favourite products. Being one of the most loved YouTubers and TikTokers in Sweden, we are so happy to continuously work with Wilma and her social media channels. On her channels, Wilma shares her life as an entrepreneur within beauty, her new found life as a dog mom and her life in Stockholm together with her boyfriend.

Wilma will share her routines on how to best take care of your hair to keep it healthy and shiny, and tips and tricks within styling.

Wilma's routine

Wilma uses the Head & Hair Heal series to nourish her hair while also taking extra care of her scalp. For Styling Wilma uses the Shaping Heat Spray and Quick Dry Heat Spray frequently, as well as the Power Powder when in need of extra volume.