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Maria Nila's hair masks are available in all our haircare collections, so you can find one that fits your hair type. Like all haircare products from Maria Nila, they are 100% vegan.
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Maria Nila's hair masks

Maria Nila's hair masks are available in several different collections, so you can undoubtedly find one that fits your particular hair type. Like all other hair care products from Maria Nila, they are only made from vegan ingredients. The hair mask is a must-have product in your hair care routine and leaves your hair silky-smooth. It penetrates deep into the hair and nourishes and repairs it from the inside. In addition to these hair masks, Maria Nila offers color masks for those with colored hair. They have the same characteristics as a traditional hair mask but contain a color pigment that creates new life in your colored hair.

The benefits of a hair treatment

A hair mask can create miracles for dry, frizzy, damaged, or chemically treated hair. But of course, this doesn't mean that it doesn't work well for hair that is already healthy where it is used to keep the hair healthy. A hair mask gives the hair shine, softness and nourishment and you will experience a big difference if you have dry hair. The hair mask's characteristics can also make your hair color set better, as colors are usually more effective on healthy hair. It is vital to use hair masks as they add essential substances. A hair mask leaves the hair silky; those of you who haven't used a hair mask before will notice an incredible difference in the quality of your hair. After the first wash, you will be able to see results.

How to apply your hair mask

The hair mask should be applied after the shampoo when the hair's outermost layer, the cuticle, has been opened. This way, the hair can use the beneficial substances in the hair mask in the best possible way. For the best results, you should also towel-dry your hair before applying the hair mask, as this will make it more concentrated, unlike applying the hair mask to completely wet hair. You only need to use the hair mask to the lengths and ends, as this is usually where the hair gets dry and brittle. The amount you apply to your hair depends on the amount of hair and how concentrated the hair mask is. Usually, you need less than you think, so start with a small amount and try to find out what best suits your hair. Leave the hair mask in for as long as the instructions indicated on the packaging so that the nutrition can penetrate the hair properly. Finally, apply your conditioner to close the cuticle layer and lock in the hair mask's beneficial substances. For an extra silky-smooth result, you can also apply a leave-in conditioner and hair oil to your hair, preferably together, which both eliminate frizz and creates glossy hair. This routine can be repeated every day, preferably before bedtime.

Silver mask for colder tones

Every hair care collection in Maria Nila's selection has a matching hair mask, and you can either use a hair mask from the same collection as your shampoo and conditioner or another collection with other properties. For example, if you use the repair collection to nurture your hair but also want to have cold tones, you can use a silver mask for that purpose.

Vegan mask in various collections from Maria Nila

There are many different types of hair masks with other properties. The collection of nourishing shampoos and conditioners features a hair mask that softens, moisturizes, and prevents static electricity. Algae extract returns natural strength, softness, and gloss to the hair. In addition to volume shampoo and volume conditioner, the volume collection also has a volume mask which adds volume to the hair. The mask is a gentle and lightweight treatment for fine, thin hair that moisturizes, provides nutrition, and gives a silky-soft result without weighing the hair down. For those with colored hair, try a hair mask that reduces color loss when washing and moisturizes and nourishes the hair for a silky-soft result. The mask also protects the hair against UV radiation. Maria Nila's moisturizing mask with argan oil counteracts frizz and provides a silky-soft result. This hair mask is ideal for those with dry hair.