Hair Wax

Our hair wax can be used to create many different looks and is optimal for styling your hair. Here you will find hair wax with different levels of hold which can be used in both short, medium length or long hair. Just like all other hair care from Maria Nila, the hair wax is vegan and comes in CO2 compensated packaging. Discover all hair waxes!
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Maria Nila Hair wax

There is a wide range of hair styling products, and the hair wax is undoubtedly one of the most popular. The hair wax makes it easy to style and shape the hair into position however you like. The hair wax can be used by both men and women and is suitable for short and long hair. It is important that you choose a wax based on the hairstyle you want to create. There are hair waxes with many different hardnesses, which either leave a matte or glossy finish. Maria Nila only offers vegan hair care, which means that all hair wax from Maria Nila is vegan and animal-friendly. A wide collection of hair wax with different properties for different hair types awaits. Sometimes it seems difficult to find the right product among all the different varieties, but hopefully, you can find the ultimate wax that suits your hair best in our collection. Maria Nila's hair wax is available in two sizes, 50 ml, and 100 ml. For the best end result, you should use good products at all stages of your hair care routine. Start with a good shampoo and conditioner tailored to your hair type. Do not forget to apply the hair mask after the shampoo for extra fresh and moisturized hair. You can then apply the styling products.

Vegan hair wax from Maria Nila

Maria Nila is not just any brand of hair care. All Maria Nila's products are made from love for animals, which results in vegan and animal-friendly hair care products. This means that the hair products do not contain animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. Every ingredient in the products has been carefully selected by Maria Nila's chemists, where plant-based ingredients are used instead of an animal and provide just as good results. Maria Nila's hair wax has a formula of softening vegetable oils that protect and nourishing plant-based proteins that keep the hair from drying out.

Hair wax for men and women with short or long hair

The hair wax can be used for many different looks and is an optimal styling product. Whether you have short or long hair or are a man or woman, you can use hair wax on your hair. However, you should use different types of wax that have different properties. The hardness of wax you choose determines the stiffness and control you get. If you have shorter hair, a harder wax is recommended. There are primarily three waxes that are suitable for those of you with short hair. Maria Nila's Minerals Wax Shale is a light gloss styling wax that provides strong stability in short hair and has a stiffness of 4/5. Minerals wax Gabbro is a quick-drying wax with a matte finish that has an even stronger stiffness of 5/5. Slate Hair Wax is also quick-drying and has a strong stiffness of 5/5 but adds a light gloss. Thanks to the creamy formula, this wax can be used as a multi-wax in all hair types and lengths. One tip for highlighting curls is to mix Slate Wax with Maria Nila Argan oil. There are also three waxes for both short and long hair. Maria Nila's Clay Wax is, as it sounds, a defining clay wax with a matte finish that provides stability and structure for both short and long hair. The wax contains vegetable oils and plant-based proteins that protect the hair from getting dry. The wax has an oriental scent with a touch of lilac and citrus. If instead, you are looking for a neutral gloss in your hair, we recommend Maria Nila's Minerals Wax Gneiss, which is a paste that provides fullness and structure in the hair. Minerals Wax Schist is a fiber wax with a matte finish, which is also ideal for both long and short hair. Wax in long hair is useful if you want to create a "wet look" with combed-back hair, for example.

How to apply Maria Nila's wax to your hair

Apply a small amount of hair wax to the palms, and then massage it between your hands to warm the wax up. Then distribute the wax evenly over dry or damp hair to get the best possible results and stiffness.