Ambassador Advice – save water with Chloe Miles Ambassador Advice – save water with Chloe Miles

Ambassador Advice – save water with Chloe Miles

Maria Nila UK ambassador Chloe Miles is a sustainable style & lifestyle blogger caring about social and environmental justice. Living in Brighton, UK, Chloe is passionate about making changes wherever she can to lead a more sustainable and ethical life, which is why we’re curious to hear about her top tips for saving water at home. 

  1. Have shorter showers or (what I like to call) ‘half baths’ 
    This is one of the easiest ways to save water at home. Showers and baths account for more than a third of household water usage, with each minute of running water using 10 litres on average. Cutting your daily shower from 8 minutes to 4 minutes saves over 1.000 litres of water a month! Another tip to reduce shower time is washing your hair less frequently. I like to wash mine once or twice a week and use Maria Nila’s Cleansing Powder between washes if needed! 

  2. Turn off the tap 
    When you wash your face and clean your teeth, do you leave the water running without noticing? Leaving a tap running wastes up to six litres of water a minute. Making sure to turn the tap off when you’re not using it is an easy change we can all make. 

  3. Buy second-hand clothes 
    It might surprise you that the garment industry is the world’s third largest water user. It takes 20,000 litres of water to make just one cotton t-shirt and one pair of jeans! Buying second-hand fashion is a fantastic and fun way to reduce your water consumption. 

  4. Wash your clothes less 
    Do you automatically throw your clothes in your laundry basket after you take them off? The average washing machine uses 50 litres of water per load. Lots of clothing items don’t need washing every time. For example, jeans can go months without being washed! Reduce your usage by checking each item before putting it in the washing basket, and only washing full loads. Doing less washing saves water and saves your time!

  5. Switch to a vegan or plant based diet 
    The meat industry uses a surprising amount of the earth’s resources. It takes over 2.000 litres of water to make one 150g beef burger! The meat industry is so water intensive that cutting meat from your diet can reduce your personal water consumption by up to 60%! Reducing your water consumption is just one of many great reasons to go vegan! 

I hope these tips are helpful. Being conscious about your water consumption is great for the planet and great for your pocket too!