A/W Lookbook - By Philip Conradsson A/W Lookbook - By Philip Conradsson

A/W Lookbook - By Philip Conradsson

Since I started using products from Maria Nila there’s been a huge difference in how my hair feels, looks and reacts to certain situations. I honestly never thought it could impact and improve as much as it had and I’m really glad it did. The full routine is now part of my everyday life which makes me feel more comfortable than before.

Philip Conradsson is one of our Swedish brand ambassadors. He is a fashion & style consultant and he has worked with several fashion brands as well as magazines. This is a guest article by Philip where he shares his current favourite hair care and styling routines.

How I use my products from Maria Nila

For a long time, I’ve been struggling with Psoriasis which is a systemic disease with an inflammatory disease process, which mainly causes rashes and scaly skin. The most damaged area has always been my scalp which causes itching and dandruff mostly visible when wearing darker clothes. I thought for a long time that this is something I would have to live with since I tried a bunch of different products with no result. Almost two years ago I got Maria Nila recommended and particular their Head & Hair Heal series which includes shampoo, conditioner and a hair masque. I then started using their products and after a couple of weeks, the problems were gone. I can always tell when I haven’t followed the routine since the inflammatory in my scalp instantly comes back.

My routines & products

Schampo, Conditioner & Hair Masque

When it comes to the basics and how I use my Maria Nila products for cleaning and taking care of my hair and scalp, I use two different routines. The first one is the simple shampoo and conditioner combination, where I start with shampoo to clean the hair, I wash it out with water before applying conditioner that I leave in for a few minutes. Lastly, I wash the conditioner out and it’s done, I use this combo 1-2 times a week.

My second routine takes a bit more time since I’m adding the hair masque which gives the best effect if you leave it in at least 10 minutes. I start the routine with shampoo, after washing it out I add the hair masque and massaging it in my scalp. When I’ve applied the masque I leave it in for 10 minutes to get the full effect. Lastly, I wash the masque out and add conditioner, after washing it out with water the routine is done. I normally do this once a week.

I mostly use the Head & Hair Heal series since it helps with my Psoriasis but I’ve also started using the Structure Repair series when my hair feels a bit beaten up.

Styling routines

Maria Nila also provides a wide range of products for styling and I like to use different ones depending on the season, hair length and hairstyle. Normally I like to add all products when my hair is a bit moist but still dry enough to be able to form my hair as I want it.

The Semi-Formal Hairstyle

For the semi-formal look, I actually have two favourite waxes that I use depending on the length of my hair. I must say both of them gives that natural look I’m after but when my hair is shorter I prefer Gneiss since it’s a bit lighter in texture. Schist on the other hand is a bit stiffer and gives a bit more hold for a bit longer hair.

The Casual Hairstyle

For the least formal hairstyle and to get that relaxed and natural flair I like to use the Ocean Spray which brings out my curls and that careless feeling which is nice for the perfect weekend look. But then I also like to combine it with Gabbro to get some hold and the right form to my hair.

The Formal Hairstyle

For the more formal hairstyle, I want a stricter and more elegant approach. To be able to form the hair quite tightly the wax Slate is ideal for the task. Slate is a bit harder than the other waxes and is ideal when my hair is mid-length to short. To make the look even sharper I top off with the Shimmer Spray adding some more shine and the final touch I’m after.

Best regards,
Philip Conradsson