How we contribute How we contribute

How we contribute

Maria Nila creates products that make it easy for everyone to choose friendly. For us, our friendly philosophy goes beyond the products and we aim to lead sustainable beauty in innovative ways.

The Friendly Year
Every year on November 1st we celebrate Vegan Day by launching The Friendly Year. This means that throughout the year we work closely with The Perfect World Foundation to find a cause and an animal in need that we support through different marketing and sales campaigns, in order to create awareness and generate donations. 

The Friendly Cut
On occasions, we open our internal salons for all employees to get a Friendly Cut by our educators. This means that we can all get our hair fixed for free and then donate the fee to The Perfect World Foundation. Maria Nila then doubles up and matches all donations made.

The Friendly Collection Maria Nila

The Friendly Collection
When launching our merch collection, we wanted to create a friendly clothing line that is easy to wear. The Friendly Collection is therefore made out of GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. 

Friendly meals
When Maria Nila invites partners, staff or friends to any gatherings, all meals are always vegan or vegetarian. 

Highlighting environmental days
Actively spreading knowledge on important days such as Earth Day, Environment Day, Whalentines Day and World Turtle Day to raise awareness and support our charity partners.

Re-usable packaging

Re-usable designs
When designing our gift sets, we do that with the intention of creating something that last a long period of time. We aim for our beautiful material to not be thrown away after unboxing. All materials and designs are therefore carefully selected to fulfil more needs in our customers' daily life. The Gift Boxes for example are created as a storage depot, where you can store your beauty products or desktop essentials.

Optimized production volumes
We have optimized the outcome per production by using current resources more efficiently. By doing so, we are able to produce around 300 000 extra units per year without increasing production hours.

Doubling our solar park

Doubling our solar park
In 2022 Maria Nila installed a new solar park at the factory in the south of Sweden. By doing so we have now doubled our capacity of used solar energy which will decrease the CO2 emissions with 250 000 kg/year.

Sourcing nearby suppliers
We have updated the supply chain guidelines to actively work with suppliers closer to our factory. This reduces the amount of transportations across our globe.

Climate compensating all personnel travels
All our travels by train and in the air are mapped out and climate compensated for, and train is always our primary choice of transportation. 

New recycling symbols
To make it easier to correctly sort our products for recycling purposes, we have implemented extended information on our packaging.

Learn more about how Maria Nila works with climate compensation here.