Beauty should be fun! Beauty should be fun!

Beauty should be fun!

Maria Nila is finally visiting Trondheim!

Forget the usual routines – Erika Torstensson and Maren Berner are challenging you to break free from the everyday habits. Are you still serving the same techniques to your clients? Are you mixing the same recipes visit after visit? Say no more – after this day you'll be inspired in breaking the habits within Bleach, Colour Refresh and consultation for each client.

Beauty should be fun – and we are here to inspire you how!

Course: Beauty should be fun!
Language: Norwegian
Price: 1595 NOK exkl. VAT
Date: 2024.04.10
Time: 10:00-16:00
Address: Havet, Trondheim

Lunch is included.
Contact your local sales reps for booking and more information.