Kate Hutchins maria nila

Welcome to the family Kate!

Kate Hutchins is a beloved influencer and content creator based in London. Her genuine and compassionate approach to all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, caught our attention, leading to a flourishing collaboration. The authenticity and charm she exudes across all platforms, coupled with her deep love for animals, made working with Kate a natural fit for us.

Kate's grace and care, shine through as she invites her audience into her world through "get ready with me" sessions and vlogs, forging a deeper connection and understanding of her personality. This transparency not only fosters trust in her opinions but elevates Kate from being just an influencer to feeling like a close friend or even a sister - a part of our family and inner circle.

Kate's routine

One cannot help but be captivated by Kate's beautiful hair, leaving many curious about the secret behind its shine and volume. It's no secret to us that Maria Nila plays a significant role in enhancing the beautiful appearance of her hair.

Curious to know which of our products hold the key to Kate’s beautiful hair, we asked her about her favourites.